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About GK3 Group.



Company Profile
The GK3 Group of companies is a family run organization, specializing in residential rentals in Eastern Ontario and Orlando, Florida.  The owners have over 15 years of experience in managing and owning real estate, and our property managers are also very experienced in all aspects of running a successful property management business, which includes dealing with tenant issues, as well as the administrative aspects of running a rental business, such as processing applications, signing tenancy agreements, and preparing units for rent.

Our Properties
We own properties ranging from apartment buildings, to duplexes, townhouses, and condos.  The majority of our properties are in Eastern Ontario (Brockville, Prescott, Ottawa), but we also have some investments in Florida as well.  The diverse nature of our investments in real estate has added to our wealth of experience and allowed us to really focus on what is important to our residents.

Our Residents
We are very proud of the excellent group of residents that we have living in our properties.  The most important aspect of an apartment complex is the quality of your neighbours, and you can be assured that at a GK3 Group property, the quality of residents is top tier.  We do thorough screening of tenants by performing reference checks, credit checks, income verification, and criminal background checks.  
We are also able to attract quality residents to our buildings because of the quality and cleanliness, which means everything from impeccably landscaped grounds to clean and modern apartment interiors.

Our Mission
Our mission is to provide superior rental accommodations for our residents in communities that exemplify our core values of Class, Quality, and Comfort.
We are dedicated to building strong relationships based on trust and respect, by always exceeding our residents' expectations.

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