Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I rent from GK3 Group?
GK3 Group is a family run company that prides itself on customer service. Our philosophy is that our greatest and most important assets are our residents; without them, our apartments are just empty spaces. The owners of the company have learned what it takes to effectively manage properties throughout our more than 15 years of experience in the industry. In order to ensure that our residents get top notch customer service, GK3 Group has set out to hire only the best quality property managers. It is the strength of the entire team that contributes to the high quality of our properties and our residents’ daily living experience. To the Landlord an apartment building is an investment, and to a resident it is their home, a place where they spend the majority of their time, and that is why it is important for us to be true to our core values of “Class, Quality, and Comfort.”
What are the application requirements?
In order to maintain the highest standards at our buildings, we have a rigorous qualification process that includes: income verification, landlord reference checks, credit checks, and criminal background checks. First and last month’s rent are required before you take possession of your apartment, as well as proof of utilities transfer and renter’s insurance.
Why do I require renters' insurance? Doesn't GK3 Group have insurance on the properties?
Yes, we do have insurance on the properties, however, there are certain things in your unit that would not be covered if there was a flood/fire/theft, etc. In addition, your renter’s insurance will cover you for liability, which is not covered under the Landlord’s policy. It is best for you to speak to a licensed insurance professional in order to arrange the right policy for your needs. You will need to provide a copy of your proof insurance to your property manager before moving in.
How do I pay my rent?
You will pay the rent to your property manager on the 1st of each month. We prefer that you pay with post-dated cheques for ease of administration, but you may also pay by money order or cash.
How do I get a rent receipt?
You can request a rent receipt at anytime from your property manager; for cash payments receipts are automatically issued at the time of payment.
Can I break my tenancy agreement early?
A tenancy agreement (or lease) is a legally binding contract, and typically, it cannot be broken early. There may be other ways for you to get out of the lease early, such as if you assign your unit to another party with the approval of GK3 Group. Please contact your property manager if you are in this situation to discuss your options.
How much notice do I have to give if I want to move?
You have to give a full 60 days notice, in writing, and it has to end on a regular rental period. So for example, if you were to inform your property manager on March 15, the earliest you would be allowed to move out would be May 31st. All individuals who are on the lease would be required to sign the written notice, and all would be required to move, unless one person wants to stay and sign a new tenancy agreement, subject to approval by GK3 Group.
Is parking included with my unit?
Depending on the building, parking may be included. These details will be discussed at the time of signing your tenancy agreement and the parking arrangement will be documented therein. If you change vehicles, please make sure to inform the property manager so your file and the parking list can be updated. GK3 Group reserves the right to change your assigned parking space, if required; this can happen due to various factors, such as, snow removal, parking lot maintenance, accessibility for garbage trucks, etc.
Can I install a satellite dish?
In order to limit damage to the property, maintain the esthetics of our properties, and for liability reasons, residents are not allowed to install satellite dishes.
Does GK3 Group have a fire safety plan?
The safety of our residents is of paramount concern. GK3 Group takes great care in making sure we adhere to the Ontario Fire Code, which includes daily checks of fire alarms, monthly checks of fire safety equipment such as alarms and emergency lighting, as well as annual inspections by licensed fire safety contractors. We also distribute smoke detector information sheets and emergency procedures to all new residents and to existing residents on an annual basis.
How do I report a maintenance issue?
You can report a maintenance issue by filling out the Maintenance Request web form, or by contacting your property manager.
I would like more information about renting from GK3 Group. Who do I contact?
For existing residents, you can contact your property manager; if you are not currently a GK3 GROUP resident, please go to our Contact page.


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